Digital Garden已经支持中文搜索了


The search should now be significantly faster, and support other languages aside from just english. It should also be much better at finding relevant pages.
Technical explanation:
Lunr.js has been replaced by FlexSearch. Additionally the search is no longer done serverside using serverless functions, but instead done locally on the user's browser using a generated search index formatted as json. The search index is only downloaded once, then cached in the user's localstorage. It will be re-downloaded as soon as a new build is triggered (i.e. a page has been published).
Additionally the 404 page redirection is handled in the build step. It is no longer dependent on vendor specific rewrite rules. This means the garden can very easily be deployed to any static site host provider.



技术解释:Lunr.js 已被 FlexSearch 替换。此外,搜索不再使用无服务器函数在服务器端进行,而是在用户的浏览器上使用生成的格式化为 json 的搜索索引进行本地搜索。搜索索引仅下载一次,然后缓存在用户的本地存储中。只要触发新的构建(即发布页面),它就会重新下载。此外,404 页面重定向是在构建步骤中处理的,不再依赖于供应商特定的重写规则。这意味着可以非常轻松地将该平台部署到任何静态站点主机提供商。

Digital Garden 已经支持中文搜索了,在 1.53.0 版本使用 FlexSearch 代替了 Lunr.js,意味着由 DG 发布的网站已经支持包括中文在内的多种语言进行站内搜索。
Release Release 1.53.0 · oleeskild/digitalgarden · GitHub



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